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Created December 30, 2001
This page is ©2001 to Barton Smith
All images are tm to Barton Smith

Ancient Images, File Three

As with any other person, I go through my phases. This page pretty much represents the beginning of my anthropomorphic phase. Anthropomorphic is defined as "Attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena," and in this genre, it's represented as characters that are half-human, half-animal. So, I had to jump on the "furry" bandwagon by making Sonarr a werewolf, on top of everything else. Hey, it's a fun genre!
Ceyna! (November 1997)
More gift art, of vixen Ceyna Indigo! She's happy about something...
Ceyna Indigo ©2001 Ami Koriuchi; art ©2001 Bart Smith.
Ceyna -- in Colour! (November 1997)
Ceyna again, same pic, only colourized. Yes, those really are the colours of her fur. Hey, don't ask me, ask Ami! >;)
Ceyna Indigo ©2001 Ami Koriuchi; art ©2001 Bart Smith.
Freakbuster (November 1997)
Sonarr -- yes, same character, as a werewolf. Wearing a Ghostbusters' inspired uniform. She's *meant* to look somewhat unhinged.
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
Freakbuster II (November 1997)
Sonarr again, same pose and uniform, but a different picture entirely. This was an attempt at redrawing and inking a previous sketch. I like the facial expression (she pulls off "unhinged" quite nicely, I think). Some folks noted that she seems to be leaning a bit to far forward -- I tried making her look like she was rocking on her toes, but it doesn't work like I wanted it to. Part of this is due to the fact that, at this point, I couldn't draw digitigrade (meaning "walks on the toes") feet very well at all.
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
Strut (November 1998)
My attempt at "unrealisty anatomy", a stereotypical, large-breasted vixen character. Nobody in particular -- just a random image.
Random Slinky Fox Creature ©2001 Bart Smith.
Batter Up! (December 1998)
Sonarr, participating in the National Pasttime. Yeah, I know, her feet suck.
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
Lotus, Again (December 1998)
Sonarr again, doing that hovering thing. The jersey is of course a replica of that worn by Michael Bishop at K-State in 1997-1998. Peace!
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
Dignity (December 1998)
... or lack thereof. Sonarr, dressed for the season, but against her will. Don't worry, all tht was hurt was her pride. ;)
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
PacRat (April 1999)
Another gift art thing, for a talented young artist I met in IRC a couple of years back.
PacRat and Yarzz ©2001 Jennifer Rodriguez; art ©2001 Bart Smith.
More Lotus (May 1999)
I'm not sure *why* I redrew this, but I suppose I had my reasons. Compared to the earlier version, I think it's an improvement.
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
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