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Created December 30, 2001
This page is ©2001 to Barton Smith
All images are tm to Barton Smith
If you've gotten this far, you've probably noticed a lack of male characters. The primary reason for this is, well, I like drawing the ladies. ;) I think that this dearth of art featuring the guys is because, at the time, all the guys I drew looked -- girly. I still have this problem to an extent, but I think I've gotten better. Anyway.

Ancient Images, File Two

Cheesecake (January 1996)
Bethel Duryea, aka Blue Rocket, dressed to kill. In spite of all the female characters I'd drawn, I hadn't yet drawn one in a cheescakey manner, so I thought I'd change that! I'm happy to say, this one gets good remarks.
Blue Rocket ©2001 Bart Smith.
Skyline (December 1996)
Sonarr, living it up above her hometown, St. Louis. This one's unfinished (a word that's way too common where my stuff is concerned) because I lost my grey Prismacolor pencils. Now that I have those colours, I should remedy this situation. BTW, once more, I don't think the date is accurate, but I don't recall exactly when I reached this point, so Dec 96 is as good as any. Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
Jump! (March 1997)
Here's one I started sketching while waiting for my turn at LaserQuest in Wichita. She started out as some random chick, but before the evening was over, I knew exactly who she was supposed to be -- Sonarr's younger sister, Tiffani!
Tiffani Phillips ©2001 Bart Smith.
Ta-Daah! (March 1997)
Tiff was designed to be different from Deb -- no powers or magic or anything like that. To make up for that, she's hyper and she's smart. She creates some amazing and odd things from common household artefacts...
Tiffani Phillips ©2001 Bart Smith.
Picture Day (March 1997)
Another boring day in school. An attempt to draw a character in "regular" clothing.
Tiffani Phillips ©2001 Bart Smith.
Armed and Dangerous! (April 1997)
Just Tiff, being mischievous. If nobody else has taken credit for inventing a hand-held catapult out of a rat trap, Tiffani calls dibs!
Tiffani Phillips ©2001 Bart Smith.
Hovering Lotus (May 1997)
"Sonarr hovers to about four feet above the ground, and crosses her legs into a lotus position." It's a running gag. If you don't get it, don't worry, you aren't meant to. :) This was originally just a throwaway picture, but I thought it looked too good to not share. I'm too lazy to erase the blue lines -- they're a bitch to remove!
Sonarr ©2001 Bart Smith.
Trash Talk (July 1997)
More fan art! This is a piece I *really* need to redraw, as I do *not* do these characters justice with this picture. I believe it was my first real attempt at anthropomorphic characters, which is why they're so evilly drawn. Anyway, if you've never read Ozy and Millie, do it!
Ozy and Millie ©2001 David Simpson; art ©2001 Bart Smith.
Faceoff (October 1997)
An unfinished pic of a showdown that, at the time, was impossible. Oh, Sting vs. 'Taker is quite possible *now*, but the Stinger is sticking to his principles, and doing the family thing. It'd be great to see a comeback, of course. WE WANT STING! WE WANT STING! heh. Sting ©2001 Steve Borden; Undertaker ©2001 Mark Callaway; art ©2001 Bart Smith.
Havermann! (Fall 1997)
This is a gift piece for Havermann, the anthro raccoon character who hosted the game show style trivia game called Spam! on FurryMUCK, a game I was quite fond of. Yes, it's unfinished as well, and in need of some alterations, at the request of the owner of the character.
Havermann ©2001 her owner; art ©2001 Bart Smith.
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